BIG BOSS Oil-less fryer manual

It is one of the most common things to never find the instructions manual of your appliances when you actually need them.

If you are the owner of a BIG BOSS Oil Less Fryer and need your appliance’s instruction manual but can’t seem to find it we’ve got you covered. Here you can download the full PDF version so that you can figure out whatever is bothering you and get back cooking!

The BIG BOSS Oil-less fryer manual includes the following sections:

  1. Instruction
  2. Important safeguards
  3. Unpacking/Assembly
  4. Parts and features
  5. Usage basics
  6. Usage dehydrating food
  7. Usage pre heating
  8. Usage thawing
  9. Air frying & stir fry suggested cooking times
  10. Other suggested cooking times
  11. Helpful tips
  12. Cleaning and care

Download BIG BOSS Manual


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