3 AirFryer Tips for easier cooking

I have been using the AirFryer for a couple of months now and although it is supper intuitive and easy to use I have learned a trick or two just by using it on a daily basis that make my life a little bit easier.

See oil less fryers like the AirFryer are a completely new appliance, it’s not really a convection oven, definitely not a microwaves… so most of the tricks we all know which work well for other appliances probably don’t apply to the AirFryer, that is why you’ll have to learn new ones that you can then tweak and combine in order to come up with even more tricks that make your daily cooking with the AirFryer even easier than it already is.

So far I have 3 cooking tips that I think anyone who owns an AirFryer should know. Here they go.

Spray the oil

AirFryer tips - Spray oilOil less fryers can’t really fry without oil, but they do only require a fraction of the amount that deep frying does.

So you need to add some oil to your fries before you start to cook them, but how do you add it? Most of the times you’ll just drop a spoonful of oil over your food, that is what Philips tells us to do and it’s certainly one way of doing it. However, I’ve found that by spraying the oil you can actually use even less than what recipes tell you to.

If you are used to seeing oil in a bottle you should take a look at some of the spry options that have come to market lately, such as the GAVORATM Extra Virgin Olive Oil spray can or the Pam Organic Olive Oil Cooking Spray which is the one I use. Or if you really like the oil you are already using and the manufacturer simply does not offer it in spray format, you can always get yourself a refill spry bottle like this one and keep using the same oil.

Don’t bother preheating

AirFryer tips - PreheatingI know this might sound completely unnecessary, but if you have a busy live you know that every minutes counts, and specially with the relatively slow cooking times that the AirFryer offers any time you can cut from your recipes is welcome.

With most recipes you’ll need to preheat your AirFryer to 180ºC before placing your food on the cooking tray. This heating up usually takes 4-5 minutes. However you can simply skip the preheating altogether by simply adding 2 minutes to the cooking time specified on your recipe.

Use aluminum foil and save time cleaning

AirFryer tips - Aluminum foilAll the elements from the AirFryer are safe to go into the dishwasher, so cleaning up is actually quite simple. However if you live alone like me, chances are you only run your dishwasher every other day and not daily, which means you’ll have to clean your AirFryer’s tray and pan by hand if you want to use it more often.

I’ve found that you can actually skip the cleaning altogether simply by placing some aluminum foil at the bottom of your frying tray and placing your food on top. Of course this won’t work if you really need to fill the tray up, but if you are just cooking a few sausages like I sometimes do then this trick works great. Simply through away the foil after cooking and the tray will still be clean as new!


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