AirFryer accessories

The Philips AirFryer is without a doubt one of the best oil less fryers on the market. But the AirFryer is much more than just an oil less fryer, because with it you can cook a lot more than just french fries or other traditional deep fried aliments. You can also cook something as delicate as a soufflé! Amongst many other delicious recipes in a variety of styles.

One of the things that make the AirFryer such a versatile cooking appliance are the multiple accessories you can use with it in order to turn it into a grill, an oven, or simply increase its capacity.

Some people say this is actually just a business strategy from Philips to get you to spend more money when you add all the extra accessories. But the truth is you don’t need a single one of them if all you want to do is fry, which by the way is the only thing all the other hot air fryers do. And if you do decide to spend your money on these accessories it will only be to expand your AirFryer’s capabilities to something which other brands simply can’t offer you, with or without accessories. Buying some of these accessories might even save you from buying a whole separate appliance!

So let’s take a closer look at the different accessories available for your AirFryer and what each of them can help you achieve.

Double Layer Rack

The double layer rack is an accessory to the 9220 model but actually comes included with the 9230.

The double layer rack will help you increase the cooking space at your disposal when you are cooking food which pieces can just pile and touch with each other like it happens with french fries.

In order for your food to cook evenly the air that circulated inside the cooking chamber of your AirFryer needs to touch every single bit of the surface of your food, otherwise it won’t get that crispy outside that we all look for in fried food. If you are cooking sausages or chicken wings for instance you will want to leave some space between each of them in order for them to cook properly and evenly. Here is where the double layer rack comes in handy, allowing you to cook as much as double the amount of food per batch.

Variety Basket

The variety basket is very similar to the standard frying basket. It can actually be used as such, but it also has a couple extra features that makes it more versatile than the standard basket.

The variety basket comes with a removable honeycomb bottom mesh with a non-stick coating. This mesh is more rigid than the one form the standard basket and is also much easier to remove, which is great when it comes to cleaning.

But the best part about the variety basket is its multifunctional lid, which will allow you to use your AirFryers for things you probably didn’t think possible, such as making popcorn, dehydrate vegetables and fruits or roasting coffee beans amongst other things. The lid will keep your smallest and lightest food inside the basket. Foods which would otherwise fly out of the basket due to the high speed airflow inside the cooking chamber.

And of course, all the pieces from the variety basket can safely go into the dishwasher.

Grilling Pan

The grilling pan is a stripped metal pan that will allow you to grill your meat, fish or vegetables. It will even mark your food with the typical grilling ridges!

The grilling pan is made from a non-stick material that also captures the heat better than the traditional frying basket, cooking your food up to 20% faster. The pan is perforated so that the excess fat or oil form your food will dip to the leaking tray just like it does with the frying basket, but also has some higher bands which will mark your food like a traditional grill would.

Another great thing about the grilling pan is that because it has no walls like the frying basket it allows for more cooking area. You will have no problem grilling a full steak with it or even a whole fish!

Baking Pan

With the baking pan you will be able to try all those recipes that include liquid ingredients that would otherwise filter through the frying basket.

The baking pan is ideal for all types of baking, from cakes and breads to quiches and much more!

And of course, the baking pan is also dishwasher-safe!

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