AirFryer Salmon

How to cook Salmon with the AirFryer

The AirFryers is about much more than just frying. Sure it can make crispy french fries and chicken wings, but it’s also great to cook meat, sausages and even fish! Today I want to show you how easy it is to cook salmon with the AirFryer.

This is a very basic recipe just on how to cook the salmon itself. In the video I serve it with a side of rice, but it could also go well with a side of vegetables which you can also cook with the AirFryer.

As for the seasoning, in the video I’ve used salt, a bit of paprika, lemon juice and olive oil, but you can definitely spice it up with whatever you like, or don’t add any spices at all, it’s up to you!

Your salmon will be ready to serve in just under 15 minutes including preparation. Now you’ll have no excuse not to eat fish!


  • Slice of salmon
  • Your choice of spices (personaly I like to use Paprika)


  1. Season the salmon with your choice of spices
  2. Place in the AirFryer tray with the skin side touching the tray
  3. Set up the AirFryer to 10 minutes at 130º. 8 minutes if you like it slightly underdone or 12 minutes if you like it well done. (no need to preheat)
  4. Done!


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