Best Oil for Deep Frying is no Oil!

Most people love eating fried food, but most of us would rather not eat all the fats and calories that come with it, most of which come from the oil that sticks to the food during the cooking process. That’s why so much has been written and so many studies have been carried out to figure out which is the best oil for deep frying, and by best we mean the one that will add the fewer calories to our diet without giving our foods any weird flavor and leaving our place with a stinky smell for hours.

The thing is in order for an oil to be stable when heated up at high temperatures it needs to come with saturated fats. The more saturated fats an oil has the more stable it is when heated. This goes completely against what we want in our diet though, and there for the dilemma of which is the best oil for deep frying our food.

Olive oil is definitely the healthier option, but the it’s smell when heated up is very strong and it can even change the flavor of our food.

Palm oil seems to be another healthy-ish option, but many questions have been raised about the sustainability of harvesting palm oil, so if you have a conscience for the planet, you should stay away from this family of oils.

We could go on and on, Peanut oil, Advocado oil, Corn oil, Canola oil, Seame oil and a much longer list of options which try to find a balance between oil stability while cooking and keeping a healthy diet.

But why try to turn something that is naturally unhealthy into something healthy-ish when we could simply fry our foods without using any oil? This is like trying to make a gasoline engine that has half the emissions of a traditional one, half is still a lot, why not go electric instead!

This is what oil less fryers are here to offer us. The opportunity to eat fried-like food that looks and tastes just like traditionally deep fried food but without all the extra calories and fats that come with them. Oil less fryers can cook a large portion of french fries with just a spoon full of oil. Now when you bring the amount of oil down to a spoon full… it’s your choice what kind of oil you like best!

So why try to make right something that is wrong from the beginning? No matter which oil you chose you will still be eating way more calories than any doctor could ever possibly recommend, so remember, the best oil for deep frying is no oil at all!



  • When I tried making breast tenders in the oil-less cooker, the flour you use on the chicken
    breading never turned brown, light or dark. Why would this happen? I cooked them at 330 degrees for 10 min. then shook the basket, then for an addition 5 minutes at 390 degrees.
    I ended up with cooked chicken, but it was white.

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