Honey BBQ Chicken Wings. AirFryer Recipe

I’m always excited to bring you new AirFryer recipes, but today even more so because today’s recipe is something that actually can’t be done with traditional deep oil frying, but […]

Padrón Peppers AirFyer Recipe

Padrón Peppers. AirFryer Recipe

Padrón peppers are a traditional Spanish tapa which is not only fun and tasty but it’s now also supper easy to cook at home thanks to the AirFryer. Padrón peppers […]

Sweet Potato Fries AirFryer

Sweet Potato Fries. Airfryer Recipe

French fries are great, but sweet potato fries are even better! Sweet potato fries are just as easy to cook as regular potato french fries (which is really easy with […]

AirFryer Salmon

How to cook Salmon with the AirFryer

The AirFryers is about much more than just frying. Sure it can make crispy french fries and chicken wings, but it’s also great to cook meat, sausages and even fish! […]

Airfryer Marinated Chicken Wings Recipe

Chicken wings are a classic of fried food and let me tell you, they test amazing when cooked with the airfryer! This is a simple recipe to make Marinated Chicken […]