How to reheat Pizza in the AirFryer

The AirFryer is a great option not only for cooking meals from scratch but also to reheat leftovers, and that includes pizza!

Pizza is one of the most common leftovers. We tend to get excited when ordering pizza, we go all in, order a large pie when we are home alone and end up having to wrap a few slices and put them in the fridge.

There are several ways to reheat pizza, but none like reheating it in the AirFryer, and I’ll tell you why.

Reheating pizza in the microwaves

The first option most people will contemplate is to reheat the pizza in the microwaves. It sure is convenient in terms of time. You can have a re-heated pizza on your plate in 3 minutes, but at what cost?

Pizza reheated in the microwaves is nothing like fresh pizza. After being reheated in the microwaves pizza becomes chewy. The toppings might be ok, but the dough is nothing like what it was the night before. At this point is hard to call it a pizza anymore.

Reheating pizza in the hoven

The second option is to reheat the pizza in the hoven. This seems logic, after all the pizza was cooked in the oven in the first place, so why not through in there for a bit longer to heat it up?

The results after reheating a pizza in the hoven are way better than in the microwaves. Your pizza will warm up evenly and depending on the pizza the dough might still be reasonable, but overall the hot air will dry your slice making it a lot less juicier than it was last nice (and still not healthier).

Pizza reheated in the hoven

Another big thing to consider is it takes forever… you first need to reheat the hoven, which depending on your hoven will take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, and that to just put the pizza in there for 4-5 minutes… not only is it a long time to wait for reheated pizza, its also not very environmentally friendly. Not to mention you’ll have to clean the pan you uses in the hoven, which in many cases won’t fit your dishwasher…

The hoven is so far the best option to reheat that pizza, but it’s still far from ideal.

Reheating pizza in the AirFryer

Reheating your pizza in the Air Fryer is by far the best option. You get the best of both systems, a decent reheated pizza without having to wait for too long. The Air Fryer uses air to heat things up, very much like your hoven, so you might think the results might be the same, a crunchy but dry slice. Well not quite, since the AirFryer heats food up much more efficiently than the hoven your slice won’t have that much time to dry. Plus, I have a small tricky that will guaranty your slice comes out as fresh as the night before: water. Add a spoonful of water at the bottom of your AirFryer cooking basket before reheating your Pizza. This will guaranty that your slice stays moist and doesn’t dray with the hot ari.

The even better news is the AirFryer takes only a couple of minutes to heat up and you can then put the cooking basket in the dishwasher and forget about it!

The best way to reheat pizza in the AirFryer is to:

  • Preheat your AirFryer to 160ºC (320F)
  • Add a spoonful of water at the bottom of the basket
  • Place the slice flat on the basket and cook for 3 minutes if you are reheating a thin slice or 5 if it’s a thick one.

One last trick. If you want to reheat two slices at once, use the double layer rack. Don’t put two slices on top of each other as the hot air won’t be able to circulate properly around them and you’ll end up with a half warm half cold slice.

Enjoy! 😉

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