Airfryer Double Layer Rack Review

One of the main difference between the AirFryer 9220 and the AirFryer 9230 is that the second comes with a double layer rack that allows you to cook more food […]

Sweet Potato Fries AirFryer

Sweet Potato Fries. Airfryer Recipe

French fries are great, but sweet potato fries are even better! Sweet potato fries are just as easy to cook as regular potato french fries (which is really easy with […]

AirFryer vs. Actifry

There are several options in the market if you are considering buying a hot air fryer. However, it seems like there are two brands who are clearly taking the lead […]

AirFryer Salmon

How to cook Salmon with the AirFryer

The AirFryers is about much more than just frying. Sure it can make crispy french fries and chicken wings, but it’s also great to cook meat, sausages and even fish! […]

Philips AirFryer Cleaning

So now that you have your AirFryer and are already cooking some delicious recipes with it, it’s time to learn how to properly clean it and maintain it. This appliance […]

Airfryer Marinated Chicken Wings Recipe

Chicken wings are a classic of fried food and let me tell you, they test amazing when cooked with the airfryer! This is a simple recipe to make Marinated Chicken […]

Oil Less Fryer. Healthy and Tasty!

With people growing more conscious every day about their diet there are some sort of foods and cooking methods which are being put on the spot light for being unhealthy […]

How does an oil less fryer work

How does an oil less fryer work?

Oil less fryers broke into the market only a couple years ago and are gaining popularity fast, which is no surprise considering how people are growing more conscious about the […]