Stacking Food in the Airfryer

Many people are worried that the airfryer will be too small for their cooking needs. If you look at the dimensions of the airfryer it can certainly seem tiny, so the next questions most people will find asking themselves is: Can I stack fries in the Airfryer? Can I stack chicken wings? Cans I stack other foods in order to cook them in larger quantities?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can stack French fries in your Airfryer, no you can stack burgers.

At the end of the day you need to remember that the Airfryer cooks your food by circulating hot air around it, and in order for the cooking to happen effectively all the surface of your food needs to be exposed to the hot air.

If you are cooking French fries you can most definitely stack them like you would in a regular deep oil fryer. Because of the small-ish size of the potato pieces when they stack on top of one another they will still leave plenty of space for the air to move through. On top of that it is also recommended that you stir your fries once or twice during the cooking process to ensure that any fry which was not exposed to the hot air moves around and becomes exposed.

Now if you are cooking burgers this obviously won’t work. If you stack two burgers one on top of the other you will have almost 50% of the outside surface of each burger touching each other and therefore not exposed to the hot air. Plus, stirring burgers doesn’t make much sense either right? And even if you flip them half way through your burgers will still be half cooked from one side which isn’t good.


It all comes down to the size of the pieces you are cooking. The smaller the pieces the more empty spaces they will leave when stacked, allowing air to flow around them.

You CAN stack things like

  • French fries
  • Spring rolls
  • Croquets
  • Chicken wings
  • etc.

But you CAN’T stack other things like

  • Burgers
  • Steaks
  • etc,


Remember that the double layer rack, which comes out from the box with the Airfryer 9230 and is an accessory for the 9220 can help you cook larger portions without having to stack food on top of each other. The double layer rack will perfectly allow you to cook two burgers or two steaks at a time without the two pieces ever touching each other and perfectly allowing the hot air to circulate and cook both of them equally.



  • I have s 3 at cook essentials. Amazon has a rack for a Phillips. The basket on the essentials measures approx 7.5 in. The Phillips rack measures 7.1 “. Will that fit in the essentials fryer ?

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