Using cooking molds with the Airfryer?

One thing you should always ask yourself before buying any new kitchen appliance, or any other consumer product for that matter, is, will I be able to use all my other existing gadgets/complements with it? We all know how it feels like to buy a new video game console just to find out that we won’t be able to play any of the games we already own… or a new DVD player just to turn all our old video tapes into great paper holders…

So, asking yourself what will happen to all your current kitchen utensils once you buy your Airfryer is a very valid question. Spatulas, pots, molds… you have probably collected a few of all those and more over the years, and it would be a shame to find out that they are not compatible with your Airfryer and that you need to get new ones.

Fortunately, that won’t be the case. Any kitchen utensil that you can currently use in your over you’ll also be able to use with your Airfryer. If it can stand the heat of your traditional oven it will also stand the heat of the Airfryer.

So that’s the good news. There is a small but though, “small” being the key word here… You need to remember the Airfryer basket is relatively small, so most pots or molds might not fit. Individual muffin molds or even small cake’s molds will fit, but anything medium or large wont.

The inside dimensions of the Airfryer 9220 are 19x19cm (7.5×7.5in) so that’s how big you can go with square molds, and 7in diameter for circular molds.

Here are a few mold options that work great with the Airfryer. So if you own anything similar you are good to.

If you are the type who likes to get your hands on the whole set though, then Philips has a baking basket ready for you. This basket obviously makes the most out of the inners space of the baking basket, but it comes at a cost.

Please remember that this post was written with the Philips Airfryer 9220 specifically in mind. The Airfryer 9230 will give you some more cooking space and other brands appliances might give your more or less.

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